Foreign Brides For Marriage – What To Expect From Mail Order Wives?

It would be a mistake to think that international brides are ready to marry any man who pays. They are the modern women who know what they look for in a guy. This is why of the reasons why the so-called mail order wives are so popular: both parties know what they want, have similar expectations and goals, and more importantly, are ready to build a happy family.

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Relationships with mail order brides – Sociological perspective

In fact, a lot of guys would like to meet hot, educated, and family-oriented women. Brides from other countries are really attractive, but a lot of misconceptions stop some guys from marrying them. Let us analyze this phenomenon from a sociological standpoint.

Some may say that a foreign girl for marriage is looking for nothing but for a man himself. It is not true. Wedding is not the primary goal for most women anymore –most ladies, including international brides, want to meet a decent man, not a random guy who is ready to marry a random girl.

A few decades ago, marriage with a mail order bride was a contract between two parties. One of them got everything, while the second one got nothing. A man chose a girl in a catalog, and she was “delivered” to his country. If something went wrong, an agency sent another girl for free. Such kind of relationship is the main reason why such marriages were considered to unhappy. Yes, a man got an opportunity to build a family; however, you can never live a happy life with someone you do not even respect.

Today, the approach is fundamentally different. All “parties” understand that things do not work like that. That is why the main goal of a good dating platform is to find a match, not a random hottie or a rich guy. These changes are positive: according to statistics, most marriages with mail order brides are happier than the regular ones.

What modern women want in a man?

So what are the qualities of a perfect husband?

  • Respectful. The society’s changing: nowadays, women are looking for a man who’ll respect their values, interests, hobbies, lifestyle, tastes, etc. In other words, a modern lady wants to meet someone who won’t be trying to change her.
  • Faithful. One of the reasons why women for marriage are looking for a husband online is that they cannot meet a good man in their country. A lot of them were betrayed by their boyfriends, and they are looking for someone they can trust.
  • Caring & supportive. Although real foreign brides are ambitious and well-educated, they are not looking for a neighbor, but for a man they trust and can rely on.
  • Successful. We won’t even try to convince you that your career and money aren’t important at all, but it’s not true. It is not even about the things you can buy; it is about your ability to provide for your family.

Facts about mail order brides

bride europe

There are hundreds of myths about foreign women looking for love on the web. Here are some facts that may help you better understand who they really are. So, they are

  1. From developing countries of Europe, Asia, and South America;
  2. Not money-hungry; marriage is their primary goal;
  3. Family-oriented, not career-oriented;
  4. Women who want to have children;
  5. Ready to move to a husband’s country.
  6. Not for sale – you cannot buy woman online;

Dating tips

Online dating is a bit different from real life dating. That is why it is crucial to follow certain rules that will help you make a good impression and develop a relationship in the future.

  1. Think about your dream girl. What qualities are you looking for in a woman? What is her age, habits, education? Use filters to find perfect matches.
  2. Keep in mind that you cannot buy woman online, so you should find ways to attract ladies, i.e., you need an effective dating strategy.
  3. Write an “introductory” first message and save it in Google docs and send them to women with good profiles.
  4. Do not initiate dirty talks.
  5. Send gifts to ladies you really like (they do not have to be super expensive.)
  6. Use Video Chat and call a girl if you think she may be the one.

Why men look for overseas brides

A lot of guys delete their Tinder accounts and try to find a foreign bride on international dating sites. Why did this phenomenon occur? Why do not men search for a wife in their city or at least in their own country? In fact, it is easy to explain. Men are looking for an international wife for the following reasons:

  1. Beautiful foreign brides are interested in a relationship with men as much as guys are interested in relationships with them;
  2. These girls are friendlier;
  3. They are open to new experiences and opportunities;
  4. These ladies focus on the family;
  5. Most of them want to have children;
  6. On dating sites, there are a lot of hot single ladies from Asia, Europe, and South America.

It should also be noticed that modern, trusted websites offer high-quality features, and that makes the entire process quicker and easier. In particular, every man who chooses a great mail order brides service has an opportunity to send text messages, make phone calls, search for best matches by lots of criteria, use Video Chat, send gifts, etc.

Generally speaking, the easiest way to find a wife online. However, there is one thing you need to know about such platforms – if you are looking for foreign brides for sale, you will be disappointed. None of the trusted, legal sites provide such kind of services.

Mail order brides vs. traditional dating – our research

What is better, online dating or real-life dating? Well, this is a complicated question. It largely depends on your goals and expectations. Let’s analyze some facts about both types of dating – this info may help you make the right choice.

  • A deliberate choice. Every man who is looking for love online is choosing a girl who meets his criteria. He can marry a European wife or an Asian girl. Real-life dating is more “random.”
  • Eye contact, tone of voice, gestures. If you are dating a girl next door, you can see, hear, and, more importantly, touch her. It is important. However, good agencies also provide customers with an opportunity to make phone and video calls, as well as meet each other.
  • Similar goals. You never know if your girlfriend wants the same. Foreign girls, however, are dating men to build a family, not to have fun, test their feelings, etc.

Both types of dating have their benefits, but online dating is better for people who do not want to wait for years to build a family with the right person.

First message to send to a mail order bride

One of the biggest challenges of online dating is that people do not use gestures, make eye contact, or change the intonation at least at the early stage of their online relationship. The only way of communication is text messaging. What to write to get her attention? Use the tips below:

  1. Be creative. Messages like “Hi, how are you?” will not help you get a hot lady’s attention. Add some interesting info to stand out.
  2. Be respectful. Some men mistakenly believe that mail order brides can tolerate any sort of behavior because they want to marry a foreigner. Wrong. If you want to compliment her looks, do it, but be respectful.
  3. Make this brief. Do not get us wrong, you can mention a few interesting things about yourself, but do not write an essay.

These are three main rules to follow. Sounds easy, right? You do not have to reinvent the wheel, just be nice and keep in mind that the profile photo and detailed profile are also important.